Introducing “The Golf 30” Program!!



Your 2021 kickoff program to a healthier golf swing and lifestyle!

Great for the non-golfer and golfer

Daily 30 minute workouts emailed directly to your inbox with videos and descriptions

4 levels of training starting at only $30

Individual meal plans and nutrition assessment/guidance

Bodyweight focused mobility and strength routines to help

your swing become more efficient, more powerful and pain free

Increased Mobility = Hitting the ball farther

All workouts can be done at home with ZERO equipment (Only Need a golf club)

Use as your only workout of the day for Beginners

Add on to a current fitness regimen for Intermediate and Advanced

Contact Tony today to sign-up or with any questions.


Program BEGINS January 4th 2021!!

Titleist Performance Institute Certified



Par Package – $30

Daily workouts with videos and description emailed directly to you every morning + basic nutritional guidance

Birdie Package – $59

Par Package + Individual nutritional assessment and meal plan

Eagle Package – $99

Birdie Package + Pre and Post TPI mobility assessment at Beechwood Golf Club

Hole in 1 Package – $175

Eagle Package + (2) In Person one-on-one sessions at Beechwood Golf Club

**Limited spaces available**


Email for more details or to book your spot today!!